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Urea granules

Product Description

Urea is the highest nitrogen (46 %) content fertilizer that makes it one of the most vital fertilizers for crops in agriculture. Our supply of Urea from Egypt, North Africa and the MENA region reaches the shores of North America, LATAM countries, and Europe.

We handle complex logistics and storage facilities to sustain constant supply for our customers in Europe and in the Americas.

Usage: More than 90% of the world urea production is allocated for agricultural use as nitrogen fertilizer. Urea is either applied directly as straight fertilizer to the soil, or as an ingredient for various tailor-made bulk blends. Alternatively, urea is also a valuable raw material for compound fertilizers, as well as in solutions for fertigation. Another very important application of urea is the production of chemical compounds, such as formaldehyde resins and adhesives, widely used in the chipboard and furniture industry. Very high technical quality urea is used automobile system for reduction of the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases.

Product characteristics

Nitrogen: 46% min.
Moisture: 0,5% max.
Granulometry granular (between 2 – 4 mm): 90% min. 


50kg Bags

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