GE Business Link GmbH Dynamic Approach to Global Trading

Continuous availability of resources.

 Our mission is to bridge the gap between areas rich in natural resources and customers in search of them, regardless of their location.

Trusted partner for accessing products on a global scale.

As a dependable and credible partner, we are dedicated to delivering seamless access to fertilizers, Aqueous Urea Solution (DEF), chemicals, and petroleum products sourced from various parts of the globe. Our strength lies in our proficiency to overcome intricate logistical obstacles with flexibility and agility.

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Our assortment of chemicals guarantees a dependable and effective supply of top-notch chemical products to our global clientele.


Our range of fertilizers ensures an uninterrupted and consistent supply of urea granules, compound fertilizers NPKs, and aqueous urea solution (DEF) to customers worldwide.

How can we Help

We, at GE Business Link GmbH are proud and confident as we look toward the future of our firm, we should be a real partner to you in order to achieve your business goals. As you succeed, we grow

Quantifying our achievements

We have established a successful track record of linking locations with ample natural resources to customers in need of them, regardless of their geographical location.


Years of Experience






Company Growth

It is people that create a business. Every day we build and strengthen relationships with our customers.

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