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Business Entry Services

“Being your partner, we help you to smoothly enter any new Market”

GE Business Link GmbH’s business entry services include explore the new market, develop entry strategies, and create business plans. A step-by-step approach starts with a detailed assessment of the client’s market opportunities, creating strategic proposals for the client’s entry, and finally assist our client to implement the recommended market entry. The major steps include:

Market Research: Our market research methods include real-time interaction with future buyers, distributors, retailers, trade associations, government agencies and other industry stakeholders. Backed by work experience, we provide information about competition, market opportunities, technical barriers, pricing, sales channels, and develop innovative solutions that provide qualified business contacts and partners.

Strategy Formulation: Based on results obtained from the market exploration, we assess the appropriate new market entry options for our clients. This assessment considers clients’ short- and long-term goals, strategic priorities, investment and risk motivation, industry growth curves, competitor successes and failures, and best practices. In addition, we recommend to our clients all aspects of products, pricing, sales, positioning …etc.

Strategy Implementation: A strong new market entry strategy is only effective if it is successfully implemented. For this reason, we strive to assist our clients with all implementation needs the new market. We help our clients in reducing business risk, shorten gestation and establish their position in the new market. Our implementation activities for example include the establishment of the company from name registration to approval and compliance of all regulators, opening a bank account, holding a board of directors and establish of a Greenfield project from site identification to studies for regulatory approvals, Engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and startup.

More Than Just Business

Compliance with

“Your business compliance with new market becomes Easy”

At GE Business Link GmbH, we help our clients to comply with all new regulations and laws for their business allowing them to meet their goals.

More Than Just Business

Project Set-up

“We share the responsibility with you to exist”

GE Business Link GmbH supports clients building their production facilities in the market. It might be so difficult to build your Greenfield facility if you do not have an new partner who has sufficient experience with the new culture and market, therefore, we are here to help.

GE Business Link GmbH provides end-to-end solutions for establishment of your production facility. We understand the fact that any hurdle in the process, such as the impact of delaying to start production from this facility can have a great impact on client’s business. We have solid understanding and awareness of international regulations, tariffs and tax policies, and a strong network of government authorities, vendors, suppliers and contractors to ensure our clients set up their facility smoothly.

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