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“We help to secure the right resources to run your business”

We, at GE Business Link GmbH, help our clients to find the right qualified resources to enable them to successfully run their business in the market. Our experience with new personnel, market and culture allow us to select the right employees that meet your business needs and regulations with competitive price. These includes hiring staff, suppliers, and service and work contractors.

More Than Just Business


“Our Services can assist you to perform well in the market”

Entering the market and opening up new markets also poses strategic challenges. GE Business Link GmbH helps clients to solve their key performance issues. This allows our clients to achieve their goals especially with respect to higher profitability.

Our approach involves systematically identifying problems, gathering relevant information to assist informed decision making, and proposing practical solutions. Improvement or our clients’ business performance is based on the financial analysis, market analysis, sales and marketing, and operational analysis of the most important direct and indirect costs including plant productivity analysis, technology benchmarking and inventory optimization.

More Than Just Business

and Growth

“We support your business to grow in the market”

GE Business Link GmbH identifies new growth paths and expansions in the market. We work with our clients to provide local knowledge, support and innovative solutions that provide better insights into competition, pricing, technical issues and sales channels. Our services for example include identify opportunities to increase sales, acquire new customers through roadshows, lead generation and techno commercial seminars, expand sales and distribution networks, diversification into new products or markets.

More Than Just Business

and Acquisition

“Add value to your business with us”

Our merger and acquisition consulting services include end-to-end execution cross-border deals for our clients. Our basic intention is to ensure that our clients obtain honest offers and satisfactory deals in the market.

Our services include deal preparation Due Diligence & Closing and finally, Post-acquisition integration, which includes revenue sustainability, organization and staffing, taxes and duties, cultural and enterprise practices, board meetings, defining the authority, banking arrangements, and fund-raising.

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