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“Hiring the right executive personnel”

We, at GE Business Link GmbH, believe that by hiring the right people with the right level of network, industry knowledge, experience and cultural aptitude can grow your business faster. Our experience and network allow us filling top management positions in all industries to drive your business up. We apply a comprehensive, timely and cost-effective approach that incorporates quantitative and qualitative in selecting executives for our clients.

More Than Just Business


“We assist you to select the right new Partner”

Performing a global business partner search can be costly and time consuming. How to get started? What is the best way to efficiently identify, evaluate and hire trusted business partners in the market who want to share your business? GE Business Link GmbH provides a search for business partners in the market, for whom are already seriously and interested in business relationships with our clients.

GE Business Link GmbH has a strong database and network of companies operating in various industries in the market. We consider each partner’s search to be a unique task, taking into account our clients’ priorities and goals. Our selection is based on an assessments that include strategic direction, financial stability, sales scope, brand portfolio and performance, corporate position, customers, regulatory compliance, reputation checks, and supplier management assessments.

We organize numerous interactions with partners selected for our clients and assist in conducting audits as needed. In addition, we prepare the final contract guarantees a fair composition and long-term sustainability of our clients.

More Than Just Business


“We help to find the right Distributors for Your Product, Service, or Technology”

Finding the right distributors is a major challenge for manufacturing and technology companies that have decided to internationalize their business. GE Business Link GmbH helps clients to find the best resellers in the market. In addition of reviewing quantitative key figures such as market share, we evaluate the full range of services and the performance of potential distributors or resellers and adapt them to the business requirements of our clients. This aligns our clients with the right distributors and resellers who really want to work with our clients.

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