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Brand-New Brand Identity: What’s New?

Moving forward in a results-driven world was, and still is, our goal from the start, as we provide our customers with exceptional commodities trading and consultation services.

Our approach is to provide our clients with the best quality commodities they need to excel in their fields and our prospects with the information they need to make the right decisions.

As we expanded our portfolio, we updated our brand identity to match our growing set of skills. As our expertise extends, we provide our clients with more commodities and trading informatics that exceed their expectations.

Our brand-new brand identity reflects our prospers and growing ambitions. We’re extending our portfolio with the most exquisite and needed commodities to enable them to develop their reach in their industry and unlock their potential!

Let’s take a quick look at our updated brand identity.

How We Created Our Updated Brand Identity

Every ambitious and successful brand requires a brand identity that signals its values, mission, objectives, and future. As it can make or break their expansion strategy as a whole. Firms all over the world have adopted a new vision that signals the significance of said firm in their industry and how they’re presented to the eyes of the public.

For GE Business Link GmbH, our brand identity is reflected by our mission, vision, goals, and objectives.

Mission: Helping our clients create the future for their business and run it smoothly in a culturally different environment.

Vision: To be a valued partner to our clients so that we grow together while developing a performance-unique organization.

Goals & Objectives: Our priority is to provide excellence to our clients. We aim to give our clients exceptional trading and consultation services that can lead them to success.

These three pillars make our brand stand out in the trading services worldwide.

While our values are still as solid as day one, we updated our brand identity to follow a well-grounded yet flexible look to indicate our transparency strongly.

To understand our thought process, please take a look at the following figure:

We firmly believe that the human element is the most crucial factor of a business, as their creativity couldn’t be matched with anything that a machine can do.

All these elements combined create a defining logo that will stand the test of time. It indicates our willingness to develop our trading process, maintain a strong consulting profile, increase productivity and growth, and find the right solutions to improve our client’s profitability.

What’s Next For GE Business Link GmbH?

We constantly update our services to focus on customers’ needs, providing them with the most-suited products for their requirements. During this process, as we supply our clients with their required products, we also provide them with much-needed consulting services.

Our years of expertise in strategic commodities trading have proved one thing to us and our clients. Our expansion is inevitable.

We have expanded our portfolio significantly to include more products in recent years. As we constantly evaluate your feedback, we bring your requirements to life with our solutions.

Our rebranding serves as the lighthouse of our future. We not only keep up with the industry trends and provide the necessities that our clients require, but we also exceed the industry by creating creative solutions to combat every pain point our clients might have in the foreseeable future.

We’re excited about the future of GE Business Link GmbH, and we’re sharing our excitement about this future with you, our valued customer, as you’re the vein that inspires our excellence.

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